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UC Master Food Preserver Program

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Coming soon! – Home Food Preservation Course

Interested in learning more about preserving food at home? Want to increase your culinary skills? Do you live in a county without a UC Master Food Preserver Program?

The UC Master Food Preserver Program is excited to announce that plans are underway to offer an online series of courses covering the following topics.

  • Food safety in the kitchen
  • Freezing foods with maximum quality retention
  • Dehydrating fruits, vegetables and meats and making powders
  • Canning the pantry staples: tomatoes, applesauce, and fresh fruit
  • Making jams, jellies and other fruit spreads by canning and freezing
  • Using the fridge and a canner to pickle fruits, vegetables and eggs to add a burst of flavor to meals
  • Canning your own condiments and savory sauces
  • Stocking your pantry with main meal ingredients: meats, broth, soups and vegetables

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