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Internal Resources & Recipes

Internal Resources & Recipes

UC Master Food Preserver Volunteers use researched-based resources when teaching their food safety and food preservation educational events. This page lists primary sources for the content they use. UC Master Food Preserver Volunteers do not endorse any specific non-University companies or publications. Recipes used to teach canning methods in our events are limited to our internal lists of government and university extension resources. Ball recipes have been grandfathered into our list of researched-based recipes. 

UC Master Food Preserver Internal Recipe Resource List

Tip: When looking for researched-based information online, use the following search technique:  

your search topic site:.edu 

Sites with an extension of .edu will be displayed first in the search results. 

Food Safety Resources

UC Food Safety

Federal Government Gateway

Joint Food Safety Initiative

UC ANR Make it Safe, Keep It Safe

Topics We Don’t Teach

  • Medicinal
  • Health benefits not documented in our materials
  • Marijuana

Preservation Methods Resources

National Center for Home Food Preservation

USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning (2015)

UGA So Easy to Preserve (2014)

Statewide MFP Publications Library

  • https://mfp.ucanr.edu/Resources_/Extension_Document_Library/

Processes We Don’t Teach

  • Preserving in alcohol (extracts, lemoncello)
  • Water-based kefir
  • Dry salt cured veggies (only olives at this time)
  • Any recipe holding meat in the Danger Zone for fermenting, curing, or storing, including mold-ripened sausages
  • Raw milk fermentation
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